• Mar232023


    ¿Quieres entender cómo funciona la herramienta de gestión de cuencas que propone la Iniciativa Aguas Amazónicas? Presentamos un manual* que…

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  • Mar312022

    Pan-Amazon Basins

    A spatial framework for the conservation of the aquatic ecosystems in the Amazon-Orinoco-Guianas region The Amazon is one of the…

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  • Jan172022

    Colombia: wetland management in an amphibious country

      In Colombia there are more than 48 thousand wetlands that represent about 26 percent of its continental territory. Photography:…

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  • Sep302021

    To Protect the Most Species, Plan for Freshwater Conservation

    Fotografía: Walter Wust, WCS. To Protect the Most Species, Plan for Freshwater Conservation Integrated terrestrial-freshwater planning can support conservation of…

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  • Jun292021

    How to identify an important freshwater fish spawning area?

    Fotography: Omar Torrico – WCS. How to identify an important freshwater fish spawning area Miranda-Chumacero et al. 2020 collects fish…

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  • Mar252021

    Dialogue of knowledge for the conservation of the Amazon Basin

    Dialogue is an essential element for learning about the needs and expectations of the communities in the face of the…

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  • Mar162021

    Water pulses

    Flood pulses are the natural cycles of water that occur in regions such as the Amazon Basin between the high…

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  • Mar102021

    Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

    The Integrated Water Resources Management proposes a broad approach to the natural, social, demographic, and economic elements at the basin…

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  • Mar022021

    When migratory catfishes go up the river

    The Amazon Basin is home to more than 2000 fish species, each with unique characteristics. Among them are the “Goliath”…

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  • Feb122021

    Challenges in the management of Brazilian wetlands: Negro and Juruá Rivers

    Wetlands are flooded land areas. In the rainy seasons, water is usually plentiful there, but its level decreases when drought…

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