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Length Category:  Small (<40 cm)

Trophic Level:  Omnivores

Migratory Pattern:  Local (<100 km)

Spawning Period:  All periods

Export Market:  Regional (in Amazon)

Market Status:  Second class

Catch Distribution:

Acará potential yield was estimated to be 1,500 tons. Five fishery regions account for 99% of the potential catch: Central Amazon (35%), Peruvian Amazon (27%), Tocantins (15%), Lower Amazon (11%), and Estuary (10%).

Natural History Notes:

Acará are not generally separated to species in fisheries statistics because they are second-class species. The most valuable are Astronotus ocellatus and A. crassipinnus, species which can command first-class prices in some markets. Various species of the genera Chaetobranchus, Chaetobranchopsis, Satanoperca, Uaru, Acarichthys, Heros, Aequidens, Acaronia, Cichlasoma, and Symphysodon regularly appear in markets. Acará live mostly in quiet waters and the largest captures are made in floodplain lakes of the whitewater rivers, especially those of the Amazon River. Relatively large catches of zooplankton-feeding species, such of the genera Chaetobranchus and Chaetobranchopsis, are also occasionally made in the large mouth-bay of the Tapajós River. None of the acará species are migratory and most are omnivores and feed on insects, crustaceans, small fish and algae. Some of the species spawn more than once annually and nest-building and parental care of young are common.

Distribution of acará catch.

Acará Acarichthys heckelli
Acará-boca-de-juquiá Acaronia nassa
Boca-de-juquiá Acaronia nassa
Cara Acaronia nassa
Acará Aequidens spp.
Acará-açú Astronotus ocellatus
Apaiari Astronotus ocellatus
Carauacu Astronotus ocellatus
Acará-rosado Caquetaia spectabilis
Acará-cascudo Chaetobranchopsis orbicularis
Acará-tucuma Chaetobranchopsis orbicularis
Acará-prata Chaetobranchus flavescens
Acará-tucunaré Chaetobranchus semifasciatus
Acará Cichlasoma amazonarum
Acará-roi-roi Geophagus proximus
Acará-tinga Geophagus proximus
Acará-roxo Heros spp.
Acará-bicudo Satanoperca acuticeps
Acará-bicudo Satanoperca jurupari
Acará-bararuá Uaru amphiacanthoides
Bararuá Uaru amphiacanthoides
Uaru Uaru amphiacanthoides
Uaru-urá Uaru amphiacanthoides
Acará-disco Symphysodon aequifasciatus
Mojarra Geophagus proximus
Oscar Astronotus ocellatus
Pavo-real Astronotus ocellatus
Carahuasú Astronotus ocellatus
Mojarra Satanoperca jurupari
Vieja Astronotus ocellatus
Vieja Chaetobranchus flavescens
Bujurqui Geophagus proximus
Bujurqui Cichlasoma amazonarum
Bujurqui-vaso Chaetobranchus flavescens
Burjurqui Chaetobranchus flavescens
Bujurqui Satanoperca jurupari
Acarahuasu Astronotus ocellatus
Acarahuazú Astronotus ocellatus
Bujurqui Acaronia nassa
Pez-disco Symphysodon aequifasciatus