The Governance Model of the Amazon Waters Alliance was built recognizing its dynamic and flexible nature. It is dynamic, because it is proposed for a four-year horizon, after which it will be comprehensively evaluated. It is flexible, because it is structured into six components that establish guidelines for managing the Alliance’s decisions while maintaining freedom for adaptation in the face of changes and/or the expansion of the Alliance, based on a solid foundation of purpose, objectives, and principles.


1 Governance Structure

General Assembly of Alliance partners: the highest decision-making body.

Managing Board: the executive body of the Alliance.

Conduct Committee: oversees the alliance’s principles and values.

Advocacy Committee: a proposal-making instance.

Communications Committee.

Technical Secretariat: support body of the Managing Board.

Programs: lead the Alliance’s strategic actions and are organized into working groups.


2 Operational Figure

Dependent on a host organization. Currently, WCS manages the administrative and financial aspects and legally represents the Alliance.


3 Participation Model

The membership with a voluntary contribution requires a commitment letter for formalization. Partners can join once approved by the Managing Board. Interested parties and strategic allies also exist.


4 Decision-Making Model

Executive: General Assembly

Directive and Technical: Managing Board 

Management and Technical: Technical Secretariat

Technical: Technical Programs


5 Financial Sustainability

The management of financial resources will be done collaboratively. Partners are encouraged to autonomously manage resources to implement the purpose and objectives of the Alliance.


6 Communication Flows

The Technical Secretariat will mobilize an internal and external communication strategy that promotes transparency and open flow of information within the Alliance.


Download key documents here (in Spanish):



Acuerdos Operativos

Plan Estratégico 2023-2027

Lineamientos de sostenibilidad financiera

Solicitud de adhesión de socios

Términos de Referencia Programas AAA

Términos y Condiciones Membresías

Modelo de registro de reuniones

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