We are 28 organizations from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, France and Peru which are part of the Amazon Waters Alliance. Our objective is to maintain the integrity and connectivity of the aquatic ecosystems of the Amazon Basin and the services they provide to the region and the world.


Our Mission

We are an Alliance whose actions are based on traditional and citizen science and seek to strengthen the governance of the Amazon Basin. We improve the understanding of ecological and social processes, generating accessible, reliable and timely information. We connect initiatives and actors from civil society and the public sector, generating knowledge, solutions and actions in favor of the conservation and management of the basin’s aquatic ecosystems, and respect for the rights of Amazonian peoples.

We generate spaces and strategies for dialogue, debate and agreements for the conservation and management of the Amazon Basin, promoting timely and reliable information to stakeholders, developing strategic advocacy and assuming agreements and commitments to the development and sustainability of the Amazon Basin.

Our vision for the Amazon

The Amazon Basin maintains its river connectivity from its Andean origins, allowing interaction with the Amazonian plain, thanks to a local and global population that values, cares for, and benefits from it through the provision of goods and services that urgently depend on an intact, dynamic, diverse, and interconnected basin, at ecological, socio-cultural, and institutional levels.

Conservando la Cuenca Amazónica Aguas Amazonicas

Our Governance Model

1. Which is our governance structure?

Conservando la Cuenca Amazónica Aguas Amazonicas

General Assembly of Alliance members: highest decision-making body.

Managing Board: executive body of the Alliance

Conduct Committee: oversees the principles and values of the Alliance.

Advocacy Committee: proposing instance

Communications Committee

Technical Secretariat: support body of the Managing Board.

Programs: they lead the strategic actions of the alliance and are organized into working groups.

2. Who can be a member of the Alliance?

Any organization interested in the conservation of the Amazon Basin, responsible management of its territory, citizen science, and collaborative systems among stakeholders to protect the resources and rights of Amazonian populations can become a member of the Alliance.

Membership will be evaluated by the Managing Board. The assessment and affiliation process is available in the Membership Terms and Conditions of the Alliance.

3. Are there other ways to participate in the Alliance?

The different membership categories of the Alliance are: Partner, Stakeholder, Strategic Ally, and Sponsor. The procedure to join is detailed in the Membership Terms and Conditions of the Alliance.

Partners: Membership is not paid, however Alliance partners may make a voluntary annual contribution.

Stakeholders: Organizations or individuals interested in collaborating or supporting the Alliance without necessarily becoming partners can join through designated channels or by contacting the Technical Secretariat. In this case, they are considered Stakeholders.

Strategic Allies: Specific collaborations may be established between the Managing Board and strategic partners through memorandums of understanding. In this case they are considered Strategic Allies.

Sponsors: Organizations that provide financial resources for Alliance activities are referred to as sponsors. The Managing Board or the Technical Secretariat may agree upon other benefits depending on the negotiated terms of funding.