An initiative starting at the local level to strengthen environmental citizenship.

Our main objective is to test the citizen science and innovation approach to strengthen citizenship and environmental culture in the Amazon region of Puno, Peru. At the same time, to implement a research proposal and a solution to a problem based on citizen interest, that is to say, a citizen science approach starting at the local level.

To achieve these objectives as part of the implementation of the national curriculum, school research projects were developed in which methods of observation, inquiry and reflective analysis (introduction to scientific methods) are applied. This has generated a renewed interest by the educational community in environmental issues.


  1. Awaken interest in environmental issues affecting the San Juan del Oro locality and strengthen research capability in: 28 teachers and 4 principals of the educational institutions involved, 144 high school students.
  2. The high school students proposed and developed three research projects on the water quality of the Tambopata River, and one on the different substrates for the growth of coffee plants in nurseries.
  3. Students produced important information for their locality and presented it to their families and authorities.
  4. Approximately 30% of the students have expressed an interest in studying a career related to environmental issues.


II.EE. La Divina Providencia

II.EE. Agropecuario

II.EE. Agroindustrial Santa Ana

II.EE. Juan Velasco Alvarado

Local Education Management Unit (Unidad de Gestión Educativa Local - UGEL)

Ministry of Education (MINEDU)

District Municipality of San Juan del Oro, Puno

Wildlife Conservation Society


Young Researchers in Puno/Amazonia

Learning the water quality of the Tambopata river

Citizen Science Fair in Puno

Kenia, Citizen Scienc in Puno