May 25, 2015 AmazCitSci

Length Category:  Small (<40 cm)

Trophic Level:  Omnivores

Migratory Pattern:  Medium Distance (100-1,000 km)

Spawning Period:  Rising

Export Market:  Regional (in Amazon)

Market Status:  Second class

Catch Distribution:

Aracu total potential yield was estimated to be 4,660 tons. The yield is concentrated in the Central Amazon, representing 63% of the total. There are also significant catches in the Estuary (14%) and Tocantins (12%) regions. In the estuary, aracu are captured mostly in the inner delta region, including waters of inland Marajó Island. Moderate catches are made in the Lower Amazon (6%) and Peruvian Amazon (4%).

Natural History Notes:

The aracu commercial fish group consists of several genera and perhaps 10 species. They are seldom separated in fisheries statistics, though in each region, one species tends to be more important than others. The most exploited species are Schizodon fasciatus, Schizodon vittatus, Leporinus fasciatus, Leporinus friderici, Leporinus trifasciatus, Rhytiodus microlepis, and Rhytiodus argenteofuscus. These aracu species are predominantly herbivorous and feed on fruits, seeds, and herbaceous plant material. Many species also feed to some extent on arthropods and small fishes. Most commercial aracu species are migratory and they are captured during the two annual migrations. They are also exploited in floodplain waters with gill nets.



Aracu Anostomoides laticeps
Aracu-flamengo Leporinus affinis
Aracu-pinima Leporinus affinis
Piau-flamengo Leporinus affinis
Piau-pinima Leporinus affinis
Aracu-paca Leporinus fasciatus
Aracu-flamengo Leporinus fasciatus
Piau-flamengo Leporinus fasciatus
Aracu Leporinus friderici
Aracu-branco Leporinus friderici
Aracu-cabeça-gorda Leporinus friderici
Aracu Leporinus trifasciatus
Aracu-cabeça-gorda Leporinus trifasciatus
Piau-cabeça-gorda Leporinus trifasciatus
Aracu-banana Rhytiodus argenteofuscus
Aracu-pau-de-negro Rhytiodus argenteofuscus
Aracu-pau-de-vaqueiro Rhytiodus argenteofuscus
Aracu-pau-de-negro Rhytiodus microlepis
Aracu-banana Rhytiodus microlepis
Aracu-pau-de-vaqueiro Rhytiodus microlepis
Piau-cabeça-gorda Leporinus friderici
Piava Leporinus friderici
Aracu-comum Schizodon fasciatus
Aracu-comum Schizodon vittatus
Aracu-pororoca Schizodon vittatus
Omima Schizodon fasciatus
Cheo Schizodon fasciatus
Lisa Schizodon fasciatus
Omima Leporinus trifasciatus
Cheo Leporinus trifasciatus
Cheo Leporinus friderici
Omima Leporinus affinis
Omima Leporinus fasciatus
Omima Leporinus friderici
Cheo Leporinus fasciatus
Cheo Leporinus affinis
Sardina Rhytiodus microlepis
Ratón Leporinus friderici
Sardina Schizodon fasciatus
Lisa Schizodon fasciatus
Lisa Rhytiodus microlepis
Lisa Leporinus affinis
Lisa Leporinus fasciatus
Lisa Leporinus friderici
Lisa Leporinus trifasciatus
Lisa Rhytiodus argenteofuscus