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Length Category:  Small (<40 cm)

Trophic Level:  Phtyoplanktivore and algivores

Migratory Pattern:  Medium Distance (100-1000 km)

Spawning Period:  Rising

Export Market:  Regional (in Amazon)

Market Status:  Third class

Catch Distribution:

Charuto potential yield was estimated to be 1,700 tons. Three important fishery regions account for 96% of potential yield: Central Amazon (44%), Peruvian Amazon (34%) and Tocantins (19%).

Natural History Notes:

The charuto commercial food fish group consists of several species, of which Anodus elongatus, Hemiodus unimaculatus, Hemiodus immaculatus, Hemiodus argenteus, and Hemiodus microlepis are the most important. Charutos feed predominantly on algae. They form large schools during spawning and dispersal migrations and they are found in whitewater, clearwater and blackwater rivers.

Distribution of charuto catch.

Orana Anodus elongatus
Piaba-branca Anodus elongatus
Charuto Anodus elongatus
Cubiu-orana Anodus elongatus
Charuto Hemiodus unimaculatus
Orana Hemiodus unimaculatus
Pacu-banana Hemiodus unimaculatus
Peie rei Hemiodus unimaculatus
Charuto Hemiodus immaculatus
Orana Hemiodus immaculatus
Xeréu Hemiodus immaculatus
Charuto Hemiodus microlepis
Flecheiro Hemiodus microlepis
Orana Hemiodus microlepis
Ubarana Anodus elongatus
Tijero Hemiodus microlepis
Sardina Hemiodus microlepis
Sardina Hemiodus unimaculatus
Sardina Anodus elongatus
Julilla Anodus elongatus
Yulilla Anodus elongatus