August 26, 2015 AmazCitSci

Length Category:  Medium (40-100 cm)

Trophic Level:  Omnivore

Migratory Pattern:  Medium Distance (100-1,000 km)

Spawning Period:  Unknown

Export Market:  National (outside Amazon)

Market Status:  Second class

Catch Distribution:

Moela potential yield was estimated to be 980 tons. The Lower Amazon (78%) accounts for the most of the catch, followed by the Tocantins (14%) and Central Amazon (6%) regions.

Natural History Notes:

Moela is reported by fishermen to be an omnivorous catfish that is occasionally captured in schools in river channels of whitewater rivers. Little is known about the biology of this species. Its Portuguese name, moela, or gizzard, refers to its extremely thickened lower stomach, though there are no studies of the function of this thickening.

Distribution of moela catch.

Fura-calça Pimelodina flavipinnis
Mandi-Moela Pimelodina flavipinnis
Moela Pimelodina flavipinnis
Muela Pimelodina flavipinnis
Peixe-Galinha Pimelodina flavipinnis
Simí mollejon Pimelodina flavipinnis
Mota con Puntos Pimelodina flavipinnis