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Find here resources about the Amazon Basin, such as infographics and maps, magazines, educational materials and interactive web stories.

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Mapas de Ictio

The latest materials from our quarterly reports from Ictio, the citizen science and fisheries monitoring platform. Maps include fish observations throughout the Basin, occurrence of iconic species such as the dorado catfish, checklists of fish or fishing events and more.

Materiales Alianza Aguas Amazónicas. Mapas Ictio.


Nueva clasificación de cuencas Pan-Amazonía

The new Pan-Amazon basins classification (Eduardo Venticinque, Bruce Forsberg, Ronaldo Barthem, and Michael Goulding, 2021) offers a useful spatial reduction to make integrated analysis of the aquatic, semi-aquatic and land systems at the Amazon Biome scale, or at different hydrographic scales, such as a specific basin. This spatial framework may be particularly useful for a great variety of users in the investigation, evaluation and monitoring of the aquatic and semi-aquatic systems, not only due to the hierarchy of the basins, but also to the outstanding position granted to the regions accredited under the category of “Main Stem’’ that contain the flood areas along the big rivers and basins of small water flows located in solid ground but under the pulse influence of flooding. Read more here.

Materiales Alianza Aguas Amazónicas. Mapas clasificación Pan-Amazonía.



Send us your best photographs of the Amazon Basin and its waterscapes and we will transform them into downloadable materials as backgrounds for computers and cell phones. Let’s use photography as a conservation tool together!

Educational resources

Tales of the Kukama people

Learn about the pictured tale of the Kukama people of the Peruvian Amazon: “River Dreams: a journey through the Kukama world”.

Materiales Alianza Aguas Amazónicas. Cuento "Sueños de río".

Revista Macaqueiro Kids

Macaqueiro Kids is a publication of the Mamirauá Institute for Sustainable Development. Learn in this edition about some of the largest fish that travel the Amazon rivers and discover why the DORADO got the title of world champion.

Conservando la Cuenca Amazónica Aguas Amazonicas

Juego Dorado Viajante

In this board game, we show the migratory journey of the dorado throughout its life cycle, including its main challenges. Two to six players can participate.

Conservando la Cuenca Amazónica Aguas Amazonicas

Story maps

Story map “Parana Marañún tsawa: “The soul of the Marañon River”. Discover the submerged tales of the Kukama Kukamiria people of Loreto, Peru.

Conservando la Cuenca Amazónica Aguas Amazonicas