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  • May072019

    Three Methods to Learn about Fish Migrations in the Amazon

    The Amazon River, from its headwaters in the Andes to its mouth in the Atlantic, runs at least 5,000 kilometers.…

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  • Feb142019

    The Complex History of Amazonian Water

    The Amazon may seem homogeneous at first glance. Yet it only takes a little bit of time in this lush…

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  • Nov152018

    The Hidrovía Amazónica: Who Wins and Who Pays?

    The hidrovía amazónica, or Amazon waterway project, proposes to dredge in thirteen malos pasos, or difficult spots where it is…

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  • May302018

    Urgent action for conservation of the dorado in the Madera Basin

    Product of several authors in a workshop after the First Bolivian Ichthyology Congress held in Cochabamba: Policy Brief

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  • Feb272018

    For Many Fish, Forest is Just as Necessary as Water

    Scientists (Arantes et al., 2018; Castello et al., 2017) recently used spatial data, fisheries data, and field surveys to elucidate…

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  • Jan092018

    Consider the tambaqui

    The tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum, sometimes also known as pacu or gamitana) is a tasty delight found commonly in Amazonian fish…

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  • Nov092017

    The case for citizen science in the Amazon

    The Amazon is big. The Amazon is remote. The Amazon is unknowable. Or, at least, that’s what traditional science would…

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  • Aug242017

    Potential Impacts of Planned Andean Dams Outweigh Benefits, Scientists Say

    *NEWS RELEASE* • WCS-supported scientists used historical data and models to predict the impacts of six planned or potential Andean…

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  • Jun302017

    Amazonian Peatlands: the Rarest Wetlands Are Also the Most Important When It Comes To Carbon

    50% of Peru’s sequestered carbon is found in 3% of its forest. Peat, or soil of at least 30% dead…

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  • Feb062017

    Scientists Confirm Dorado Catfish As All-Time Distance Champion of Freshwater Migrations

    See the original press release in the WCS Newsroom here. Full migratory life-cycle distance of dorado catfish stretches from Amazon…

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