Conservando la Cuenca Amazónica Aguas Amazonicas


CINCIA is a non-profit research center dedicated to addressing critical environmental issues in the Amazon Basin with a special focus on innovative science. Its work focuses on studying the sources, transport, and impacts of mercury pollution in Amazonian basins and aquatic ecosystems, as well as biodiversity protection. Through detailed studies, CINCIA seeks to better understand how gold mining and the mercury used in this activity, affect biodiversity and human health. To do so, they use advanced technologies and cutting-edge methodologies to track mercury presence and movement through aquatic systems. In their efforts to sustainably manage rivers and fisheries, CINCIA has formed strategic partnerships with local and regional institutions. This collaborative work involves key stakeholders such as the Regional Production Directorate, the Ministry of Production, and fishermen's associations, promoting practices that preserve the water resources and the aquatic life of the Peruvian Amazon.

Country: Peru
Level of Expertise: Local

Sede: Jiron Ucayali 750, Puerto Maldonado 17001, Perú

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